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not again. right now, a storm is slamming the northeast. it's dumped a foot of snow in some spots. it's also packing a punch with strong winds. that's bad news for millions of people still recovering from hurricane sandy. good morning, and welcome to "news4 today." i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. that storm arrived overnight, dropping snow from new jersey to massachusetts. it's only adding to the misery for people who haven't had power or gas for 11 days because of sandy. t the whipping winds, pounding surf stunned people in oyster bay. some are now wondering if power will be restored by thanksgiving. >> north of there in connecticut, drivers are dealing with treacherous road conditions. police say two traffic deaths may be related to the storm. a car collided with a jackknifed crush, and in lebanon, another
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car overturned. the coastal storm is expected to dump as much as a foot of snow in parts of new england. tom kierein now is tracking that storm. good morning to you. >> a near miss for us thankfully, because it is a powerful coastal storm, almost like a hurricane. in fact, it had hurricane force winds yesterday afternoon. and now it's just sort of stalled out and spinning away here, just south of nantucket. and they're still getting bands of heavy snow from maine all the way down to massachusetts and into western connecticut. this part of central western connecticut, the areas that have the most snow, up to a foot of the wind-driven heavy snow. still snowing in long island. along new york city, they had up to six to seven inches of snow as well as much of new jersey. and now locally on our radar, we had just a few areas of some flurries, a little bit of sleet activity, some sprinkles. that's pretty much ended, just getting a sprinkle here, northeastern maryland. south of salisbury getting a few flurries now, and temperatures are above freezing thankfully. but it is cold.
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upper 30s, wind gusting to around 15 miles an hour will increase during the afternoon, gusting 25 to 30 as we climb into the low 50s and we'll get some sunshine back during the afternoon. i'm back in ten minutes. first 4 traffic now with danella. good morning. >> good morning. still watching on the accident as you travel northbound fairfax county parkway approaching the dulles toll road. this is closer to sunrise valley drive. the northbound lanes are blocked by a three-vehicle crash in that area. still seeing delays grow as you travel northbound on fairfax county parkway. i would skip it, avoid it and take reston parkway instead. let's head over right now to 395. earlier at glebe, had an accident in the right shoulder lane. your travel lanes are open as you make your way to the 14th street bridge. nice, clear commute as you head into the district, traveling about 56 miles per hour. the drive in total will take you 12 minutes. i'm back in ten. aaron, back to you. you may have better luck driving today than flying. hundreds of flights cancelled and delayed because of that
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storm in the northeast. megan mcgrath live at reagan national airport with one couple trying to make it to a military event? >> reporter: right. the military event they're going to is in new york city. unfortunately, they're trying to get from fresno to new york. they've been moved around, transferred, cancelled, rebooked a couple of different times and they're worried about whether or not they're going to get there. they're not alone. take a look at the board here. we've got a number of cancellations to the new york area this morning, and folks are trying to rebook. they're scrambling to make other plans. it's a good idea if you're flying to the new york area to call your airline ahead of time and make sure your flight is actually leaving this airport. some of them are. we don't want to give the impression that all of the flights are cancelled. it's sort of a hit or miss thing at this point. it just depends upon the actual flight and your time and the logistics in terms of the flights and the crews and where the planes are. so you really are going to have to call ahead. u.s. airways, you can see the
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ticket counter, they're one of the carriers impacted by all this and they're trying to help out thaur passengers and rebook those flights. the cup that will we spoke to earlier this morning, in the last 24 hours, they have been cancelled and rebooked three times. and they're hoping that they're finally going to get out of here this morning. >> we have been cancelled three times in the past two days, and so we're just getting text messages from united saying this our flights have been cancelled. get to customer service lines and try to find our bags. we don't know where they're at. i think we'll find them. >> and they're in the military. they need their dress uniforms for that event in new york city. they have no idea where their luggage is. so they have their fingers crossed, hoping that the airline figures it out and that everything reaches new york city themselves, their luggage, and that everything works out okay. we have some folks who are sleeping in the terminal. not a huge crowd, but a couple
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of people who were downstairs sleeping on those benches because they've had cancellations and they're trying to work things out and get to their final destination here. but if you are flying, call ahead. reporting live from reagan national airport, megan mcgrath, news4. investors are hoping for a rebound today on wall street. the dow fell more than 300 points to close just under 13,000. that's a 2.36% loss. dow futures are up about a third of a percent today. the biggest reason for that wall street trouble, the so called fiscal cliff approaching this morning. john boehner says he and republicans are willing to work with president obama and democrats to reach a deal to avoid sweeping cuts and tack hikes. boehner warns that a deal won't come easily. >> we won't solve the problem of our fiscal imbalance overnight and certainly won't do it in a lame-duck session of congress and it won't be solved by taking
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a plunge off the fiscal cliff. what we can do is avert the cliff in a manner that serves as a down payment on and a catalyst for major solutions enacted in 2013 to begin to solve the problem. >> speaker boehner says the deal could include new tax revenue to help reduce the national debt. new this morning, we've learned president obama will be making a ground breaking trip in two weeks. an official from the southeast asian country of myanmar says the president will visit on either november 18th or 19th. it will be the first ever visit to that country by a u.s. president. the obama administration is trying to encourage democracy in that country. the president is already scheduled to visit nearby thailand and cambodia that same week. crews are already hard at work preparing for mr. obama's second inauguration. the inauguration stage is already going up on the west lawn of the u.s. capital. many transportation agencies also getting ready for huge crowd expected. metro saw its largest ridership ever four years ago with more
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than $1.5 million trips on trains and buses. this time, the agency expects between 500,000 and 800,000. it will also be offering a $15 commemorative smart trip card. it will be on the martin luther king jr. holiday. the presidential election is over but it still feels just a little bit like the 2000 election. take a look at the latest electoral college map. notice something missing? florida is still undecided. election workers are counting the ballots still. they blame the problem on a lengthy ballot which contained 11 state constitutional amendment questions. they also received thousands of absentee ballots which take longer to count. some voters who had to wait in line for hours to cast their ballots say there weren't even enough machines or poll workers. >> this wasn't only a presidential election. a lot of other stuff that still needs to be voted on, so people stand in line, they stay there. tom is tracking a storm that hit the northeast overnight. we'll tell you who got the worst
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of it. on first glance, it looks like a picture of earth. but what makes a new planet so super? and next, the parents getting a little too much enjoyment out of
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thanks a lot, mom and dad. a little girl was posing for a picture at the zoo when a lion decided to get a little closer look. it snuck up behind her. look at her posing for the picture. then she turns out, she screams, slams on the glass and then skips away. at least she slammed on the glass. the lion is like -- >> you're in my space right now. you're looking at me like that? get out of here. >> great. >> that was cute. >> she'll be seeing that when she's 13 and mom and dad -- a boy comes over.
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another chilly start. 40 degrees outside our studios. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. >> good morning. around here overnight, we had a little bit of sleet and a few sprinkles and flurries. that's pretty much over. but long island still getting pounded. east of baltimore getting late bit of light rain. maybe mixing a little bit of light snow as well. it's a cold morning. we are above freezing in the upper 30s to near 40. most of virginia and maryland out of the mountains. later today, hour by hour, we'll have that wind increasing a little bit. we'll get some sunshine out, highs reaching low 50s. seven-day outlook in ten minutes. a look at traffic now with danel danella. >> some delays in our area. 66 sluggish as you make your way past the bypass. you'll get a break, but getting closer to 50, this is what it looks like. heavy volume in this area as you head towards the beltway. it gets a little bit better for
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you. i'm back in ten. back over to you. ahead, the decision made by one of the men in charge of responding to sandy that cost him his job. also a bizarre punishment for a really impatient woman. what a judge is making her do.
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welcome back. today the man who killed six people and wounded 13 others, colluding gabrielle giffords, will learn his fate. jared lee loughner faces life in prison for the deadly shooting outside of a safeway in tuscan in january of 2011. today several victims including giffords will confront loughner for the first time sips that shooting. giffords' husband mark kelly is expected to speak. the army private jailed in the wikileaks scandal may be getting ready to admit that he leaked classified documents. yesterday, lawyers for brantley manning offered a play that he would take responsibility for leaking at least some of the documents. that's according to "forbes" magazine. manning has been in jail for almost three years after documents about afghanistan and iraq found their way to the web. new this morning, at least eight are dead in two separate
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bombings in afghanistan. three police officers were killed during a suicide attack at a check point in the southern city of kandahar. two others were injured. five troops died when their convoy struck a land mine in the eastern part of the country. with the troop drawdown looming, insurgents are focusing more of their attacks on the afghan army. also new this morning, one person is dead, 15 others injured after a bomb went off in iraq. this happened at a popular market in baghdad. a number of nearby shops and parked cars were also damaged. the violence in the country is well below its peek, but al qaeda is still targeting shiites to try to fuel sectarian tension. now a developing story out of guatemala. at least 48 people are dead after a 7.4 magnitude earthquake were hit. tremors were felt in mexico and el salvador. the earthquake destroyed homes, buildings, and blocking roads. thousands of soldiers are heading to the region to help the local police hand out emergency supplies.
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an ohio woman caught on video driving on a sidewalk passing a school bus now has to serve an unpunishment. take a look at this cell phone video if a passenger inside the bus. the judge sentenced the woman shena harden to stand on a corner near the intersection where this happened and hold a sign that says "only an idiot would drive around a school bus." the judge also suspended harden's driver's license for 30 days and she has to pay a $250 fee in court costs. we want to know what you think about this punishment. does it fit the crime? you head to our facebook page or you can tweet us. this morning there's more fallout from sandy. the governor of new york fired his emergency management director. the move comes after steven kerr diverted crews to remove a tree that fell on his long island driveway last week. this happened shortly after sandy ravaged new york city and crews were responding to thousands of calls.
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kerr apparently wasn't even home at the time. he was in albany. and right now people still reeling from sandy are cleaning up from a new storm. it is pounding new york and new england with snow, sleet, and high winds. the weather channel's maria la rosa is live in massachusetts, south of boston with a look at the conditions there. maria, good morning. >> well, good morning. you can see for yourself the conditions are pretty awful. the winds are anywhere from 40 to 50 miles per hour, at times gusting higher than that. you can see what it's doing to the water. then we have the overwatch along with that push of water. so we've seen a number of coastal flooding report places like nantucket having six inches of water over some spots. just over the last few hours, a buoy off of buzzard's bay, the winds gusted to 67 miles per hour. wind advisories posted all along the new england coast. they'll drop away this afternoon. that is some good news as the winds will start to ease, as the storm pulls away later tonight.
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still you see that potential for 30 to 40-mile-per-hour wind gusts. no doubt this will lead to some big head aches at boston logan. commuters either greeted with some flooding on the roadways or perhaps in places like worcester, mass, just to our north and west, looking at several inches of snowfall and that could continue the next few hours as well. so yet again, a week later, another storm that is literally packing it all here for new england. i'll send it back inside to you. >> maria, thank you. want to give you an idea of some of the snow that they got up north. this is the red bull stadium where the new york red bulls play. they had to move their game 2 of the team's playoff series because of the snow they got there last night. the ground crews tried to clear that snow away. the league's president even went out and tried to help with that effort. didn't work, though. mother nature wasn't cooperating. game 2 is now set for 7:30 tonight. some of the fans didn't mind a little snow there. the teams played to a 1-1 draw
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in the series opener. hopefully they won't have to deal with that kind of mess tonight. time for weather and traffic. tom kierein telling us about our weather, and we thankfully didn't get a whole lot of snow. >> just missed us, though. much of new jersey had six, seven, eight inches of snow. that's not that far away from us. and it is still spinning away. south of nantucket, and it is whipping eastern new england with rain and wind. but interior new england is getting snow. in fact, north haven, connecticut, had a foot of wet snow, wind-driven snow, and all along the coast now and long island, they still have gusts 50 miles to 60 miles an hour, including martha's vineyard. the storm team 4 radar mixing it with a little bit of sleet and wet snow east of baltimore. it's a cold morning, but it's above freezing thankfully, upper 30s to around 40 degrees. wind around 15 miles an hour, but they will increase this afternoon to around 30.
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four-day forecast, thankfully we'll get some sunshine back this afternoon, low 50s, and then sunny each day friday, all the way into veterans day, observe a warming trend through the weekend. i'll be back in ten minutes. here now is danella with a look at traffic. >> good morning. we're going to start first with fairfax county parkway northbound at sunrise valley drive. all the northbound lanes are blocked from sunrise valley drive to the dulles toll road. they're still working to clear it. i would avoid it because i'm seeing delays grow. right now reston parkway still looking like the better option. let's talk about another accident that just happened a few moments ago. if you're traveling the inner loop of the beltway, a crash there is blocking the right lane and i am seeing delays grow. back over to you. it is 6:22 right now. after the break, the discovery of a planet being called super earth. plus, there's a reason why 800,000 people have watched
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these football highlights online. what's so special about that scampering little player? and a stroke of luck for
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beep-bop-boop-bop boop-beep. [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today.
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one of the jackson brothers trying to change his famous last name, or at least the way that it's spelled. jermaine is petitioning a california court to change the last name -- the spelling of his last name to s-u-n rather than s-o-n. jackson, who's been touring with his brothers and promoting his book about his brother michael jackson says he wants to change the name for artistic reasons. here's something out of this world. scientists believe they found a family of planets that may be capable of supporting life. one is so big it is called super earth. scientists delivered the planet in 2008 orbiting an orange star. it is roughly 42 light years away.
6:27 am
this is an artist's rendering of the planet. scientists say it is a rocky world. at least seven times the size of earth. they believe it can contain water on the surface, which is necessary for life. >> do you think there are scientists who say i was thinking about hd40 -- >> just call it paul or something. keep it simple. an nba great compares playing basketball with the president to playing with michael jordan. and it's not exactly a compliment. also, one day after re-election, the major announcement that could be coming for congressman jesse jackson jr. >> plus, we're tracking a powerful storm that's dumping snow
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a local library now a crime scene.
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and now, from washington's leading news station, this is "news4 today." >> at 6:30 right now, a new storm is hammering the northeast, almost a foot of snow in parts of new england. police in connecticut say it could be to blame for two traffic deaths. so far, at least 100,000 new power outages in new york and new jersey. the long island railroad, one of
6:31 am
the nation's largest commuter train systems suspended all of its service. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. we really dodged the storm. some of you may have seen a little sleet, some snow flakes, but we cannot escape the cold right now. tom kierein is outside. how does it feel out there, tom? >> it is cold. in fact, we are being affected by that storm. it is giving us some wind here, even though the sky has cleared out a little bit. we have a dry patch right over washington. but elsewhere, it's still mostly cloudy. but the wind gusting to around 15, 20 miles an hour, makes it feel a lot colder, even though it's above freezing, it feels like it's in the 20s with that wind that's gusting. let's take a look at what's going on around the region. all of this coming from that coastal storm that's spinning south of nantucket. it is weakening a bit. gusts of wind to around 60 miles an hour and it's still snowing in parts of new england. north haven, connecticut, had a foot of snow. right now, storm team 4 radar showing some sprinkles, maybe a
6:32 am
little wet snow and some sleet just east of baltimore. that's tracking due south along the eastern shore of the chesapeake bay. that's going to continue to track south and pass well east of the metro area. right now we are in the upper 30s to near 40 degrees. that wind makes it a lot colder. later today, with the sunshine in and out, we'll climb to the low 50s. winds gusting to 30 miles an hour. i'll be back in ten minutes. danella, how's traffic? >> checking on accidents in our area, we're going to start in virginia. this is as you make your way to the dulles toll road. northbound lanes are blocked. avoid it, take reston parkway instead. traveling along i-95 northbound in maryland this time, as you make your way towards 175. have a crash involving an overturned box truck, blocking two of your left lanes. you can see here, you delays significant at 32. they actually start prior to 32. making the trip along i-95 this
6:33 am
time in virginia, sluggish, not terrible. but you are under speed from prince william parkway as you make your way towards the beltway, that drive will take you 22 minutes. new this morning, a search for a gunman in prince george's county who shot and killed a man. that shooting was reported on 23rd parkway in hilcrest heights. they found a man outside the apartment with a gunshot wound. police still trying to figure out what led to that shooting. an unusual investigation near gallaudet university. a body found outside a burning car just off brentwood parkway around 9:00 last night. no word on the cause of death here. we are working to find out more from police and bring you updates as we get new information. this week, gay and lesbians -- they won't receive them jl january 2nd. baltimore's tourism website already has a section for
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same-sex couples wanting to mar rirk hoping to lure couples in from other states after new york city brought in around $259 million during the first year couples could wed there. >> the first new jobs to come from the passage of question seven in maryland could be available soon. anders of new casinos say they're planning the hire hundreds of people in the maryland live casino expects to hire more than 1,200 new people to handle new table games. prince george's county should have a casino by 2016 while mgm wants to build one in national harbor. new this morning, illinois congressman jesse jackson jr. is reportedly negotiating a plea deal with federal prosecutors. a source tells the "chicago sun-times" "no one has pled guilty, but plea discussions are ongoing." the democrat is under investigation for misusing campaign funds to decorate his washington home. he is also under investigation for allegedly buying a $40,000 rolex for a friend. if jackson pleads guilty to a federal felony or a jury finds him guilty of a felony, he will be forced to resign his
6:35 am
congressional seat. he just won re-election with 64% of the vote. 30 people are out of their homes this morning after the second fire in less than a month at a maryland apartment complex. this latest fire started yesterday afternoon. it damaged about a dozen units in the seven oaks neighborhood. that fire and smoke, they were intense. firefighters. >> forced to only attack the fire from the outside. residents say the cool damp weather makes their situation that much tougher. >> you're comfortable, warm, dry, and the next day, you're out of the house. >> investigators do not believe the two fires in this neighborhood are connected, but they are still trying to figure out what caused yesterday's blaze. the man believed to be the east coast rapist is expected to plead guilty to two northern virginia crimes later this month. 41-year-old aaron thomas is expected to plead guilty to the 2009 attack on three teenagers in prince william county and to the 2001 rape of a 41-year-old
6:36 am
woman at her leesburg apartment. thomas was arrested last month in connecticut. he is believed to be responsible for at least 17 attacks on women since 1997 in virginia, maryland, connecticut, and rhode island. thomas faces life in prison for both pleas. why election night delivered some big bucks for a lot of businesses. plus, joe biden, sitcom star. the vice president's unlikely appearance. a frightening attack in a public place. how a teen fought off an attacker at a local library. the latest on the storm. your weather and tra
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not your average player. there
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this girl, look at her go. her name is sam gordon. according to this posted online by her dad complete with highlight music, she had one incredible football season. she had nearly 2,000 yards rushing. are you kidding me? scored 35 touchdowns. she also 65 tackles while playing defense. but the most impressive stat, it was her first year playing. the video now has more than a million views on youtube. if there was ever an appropriate time to say this, go, girl. oh my goodness gracious. she's amazing. she's teeny, but she's fast. >> she plays in the gremlin division there in the salt lake city area, which is mostly 9-year-olds. but clearly, faster among the 9-year-olds.
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let's check in with tom kierein. hi, tom. >> those clouds coming from that coastal low that's spinning south of nantucket right now, that sort of stalled out. and unloaded a lot of snow. the highest amounts fell in north haven, connecticut, and around new york city, they had four, five, six, seven inches of snow, as well as in new jersey, that's not that far away from us. it just missed us. right now, east of annapolis getting a few sprinkles of some rain. we're getting gusts of wind to around 20 miles an hour, and it feels like it's in the 20s, so
6:42 am
wear your warmest winter coat. by later this morning, we'll be in the upper 50s. a look at impressing news for friday and the weekend into next week. that's in ten minutes. how is traffic? >> still seeing the report of an accident, inner loop of the beltway at van dorn. this is as you approach van dorn. i want to show you the delays as you make your way past the eisenhower avenue connecter. pretty slow in this area. be aware of that. that drive will take you 17 minutes northbound. southbound nice and clear at this time. traveling in montgomery county, starting to hit the brakes around new hampshire avenue. 15 minutes to get from i-95 to i-270. if you're taking the rails, no reported delays. they look great. a 17-year-old girl managed to break free of her attacker
6:43 am
after police say she was assaulted as she studied at a public library. the girl told police she was studying at the thomas jefferson library in falls church tuesday night when she noticed a man staring at her. she says when she ducked into the lady's room for safety, the man followed her and assaulted her. she kicked him and fled the scene. she wasn't badly hurt. police are still looking for the man. police say for the ninth time in just two months, a woman has reported being fondled in one of fairfax county's neighborhoods. police believe the man in this sketch was responsible for all nine attacks in springfield. the latest two incidents both happened last thursday about 30 minutes apart. several of these attacks have involved girls under the age of 18. prosecutors say they have found a man who stole a truck with president obama's audio equipment in it. federal prosecutors charged eric brown of richmond with theft of government property. the truck disappeared from a richmond area hotel parking lot last october. the equipment included the president's teleprompter and other items including the
6:44 am
presidential seal. no classified or sensitive information was in that truck. brown faces up to ten years in prison if convicted. new this morning, a first for a u.s. president. president obama will be making a trip to myanmar in two weeks. an official from the southeast asian country says the president will visit on either november 18th or 19th. it will be the first ever visit to the country by a u.s. president. the obama administration is trying to encourage democracy in that country. the president's already scheduled to visit nearby thailand and cambodia that same week. there is still some unfinished business from this year's presidential election. florida is still undecided at this hour. election workers are still counting ballots. they blame the problem on a lengthy ballot. it contained 11 state constitutional amendment questions. they say they also received thousands of absentee ballots, which take longer to count. some voters who had to wait in line for hours the cast their ballots say there weren't enough machines or poll workers. crew are already hard at
6:45 am
work preparing for mr. obama's second swearing in. this is a live look at the capital where the inauguration stage is already going up on the west lawn. many transportation agencies are also preparing for the huge crowds expected. metro saw its largest ridership ever four years ago with more than one and a half million trips on trains and buses. this time they expect between 500,000 and 800,000. they will also be offering a $15 commemorative smart trip card. inauguration will be january 21st, which is also the martin luther king jr. holiday. a museum is offering you front row seats to the inauguration parade. for $100, you can spend the day at the popular newseum on pennsylvania avenue. you can watch the swearing in on the giant tv screen, watch the parade pass in front of the building and you are free to tour the museum. right now, all eyes are on wall street as investors hope to rebound from yesterday's dramatic losses. the dow fell more than 300 points. overseas markets also down. dow futures are up this morning,
6:46 am
though. 15 before the hour. the biggest reason for drop on wall street, the approaching fiscal cliff, which would mean a combination of sweeping cuts and tax hikes. we will arrive at the metaphor call cliff by the end of this year, unless congress and the white house can reach an agreement. this morning, some encouraging signs that might happen. jackie de angelis is live. >> reporter: political leaders are promising to avoid the ever looming fiscal cliff just a day after president obama re-election. john boehner extending an offer to come up with a resolution. >> mr. president, the republican majority here in the house stands ready to work with you, to do what's best for our country. that's exactly what i told the president earlier today. that is the will of the people and we will answer to them. >> reporter: at the start of next year, if an agreement isn't
6:47 am
reached, an almost 5% rise in tax rates will go into effect, which could push the united states back into a recession. walmart releasing its black friday promotions today, announcing deals on three hot electronics items to attract shoppers. the company will be giving away $75 walmart gift pads with the purchase of an apple ipad 2, but shoppers might be in store and in line between 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. the night of thanksgiving to get that deal. walmart is also cutting a price on a 32-inch emerson hd tv, selling it for $148, and will also be selling $38 blu-ray dvd players as part of its promotion. i know where i'll be after i have my turkey on thanksgiving. back over to you. >> i'll still be cutting my third or fourth piece of turkey at that point in the day. jackie, thank you. right now, a snowstorm is dumping nearly a foot of wet snow on new england. the wintery mix is creating treacherous road conditions. police say two traffic deaths may be related to the storm. the storm is only adding to the misery for people who haven't had power or gas in 11 days
6:48 am
because of sandy. the whipping winds, pounding surf and wet rain stunned people in oyster bay. here's a look at the radar. the know is just about done in new york city and new jersey, but it's making a real mess for people still reeling from the last storm. danielle lee is live in trenton now with a look at the conditions there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're waking up to a couple inches of snow here. right now, talking about the threats this morning, the main concern are the roadways. if you take a look behind me, people are out on their morning commute and those are slick roads. we've seen crews monitoring the conditions to make sure that there aren't any problems here all morning. in the height of this storm, when we saw those strong winds, the rains, the snow, for the hundreds of thousands of people still trying to recover from sandy, that was the last thing that they needed. more than 100,000 people lost power. many of them had just gotten their power restored. and some of them had to seek shelter because it was one cold night out there. then for the crews who have been
6:49 am
working around the clock trying to focus on this recovery, this is a setback that they did not need. it's more work for them now as they try to clean up the mess from sandy, and of course people all across the country feeling this because more than a thousand flights were cancelled. people here are really holding on to their forecasts that say it is going to dry up and warm up for the next couple days. they are ready for a break. reporting live in trenton, new jersey, back the you. the cleanup efforts must be taking longer as a result of this new storm. >> reporter: that is true. they have more work to do now because of the damage. more power outages to address. so we're still looking at at least a couple of days before all of the power is restored. >> danielle, thank you. we want to get the latest on this weather. tom kierein has been keeping an eye on the storm that is still moving, still together and somewhere, right? >> absolutely. it's still producing 60-mile-an-hour winds along the new england coast.
6:50 am
new york city yesterday and central park had 4.3 inches of snow. that's the earliest four inches or more of snow in new york history. >> wow. >> since they've been keeping records, way back into the 1800s. so this is really an unprecedented storm an it has been producing tremendous amounts of snow. in interior new england, parts of connecticut have had as much as a foot of snow there. here, we're still seeing some of the clouds from that coastal system. we have temperatures right now hovering around 40 degrees. reagan national is at 42. we've got a northwest wind gusting to around nine miles an hour. it's causing flight delays from here all the way in to new england. and we are going to have those flight delays off and on throughout much of the region as the storm continues to spin off the new england coast with just a few sprinkles of some rain and snow east of washington. right now, parts of queen annes and the eastern shore.
6:51 am
megan mcgrath is at national airport now and has the latest. megan? >> reporter: well, tom, we are still seeing cancellations and delays. look at the board here. we've got a cancelled flight to laguardia. here's another one on united to newark. another newark flight cancelled this morning. if you are trying to get to the new york area, your best bet is to call ahead of time. now, not all of the flights are cancelled. some are getting out of here on time. but we are seeing those cancellations. also seeing delays. so play it safe. call your carrier ahead of time. take a look at this video that we shot earlier this morning. we saw some folks sleeping in the terminal. they got trapped. they got stranded. they slept here and are trying to get out this morning. now, the carriers started to preemptively cancel flights yesterday before the weather even came, because it's very difficult for them to move planes around, the move crews around once they get socked in by the snow, so they cancelled many flights before we really had a problem. we spoke earlier to one woman
6:52 am
who got caught up in all of that. >> they called me on monday at 1:00 in the afternoon and cancelled my flight, and that was that. it was like, there was no weather here, there was no weather there and they just decided to cancel the flight. i had to cancel my one-day meeting. >> reporter: and they are waiving the change fees associated with changing your itinerary if you need to do so. now with more on weather, we're going to toss it back to tom. >> it is a cold morning here. we're been affected in a peripheral way by that storm, it's drawing cold weather from canada. all above freezing thankfully throughout most of the region. winds are gusting around 20 miles an hour. so it feels even colder than that. windchills are down into the 20s, so wear your warmest winter coat this morning. by 8:00 a.m., still a lot of cloudiness around. we'll have temperatures just hovering upper 30s and low 40s with those winds getting a little bit stronger by the noon
6:53 am
hour. we'll have winds gusting to around 30 miles an hour. we'll have some sunshine in and out and we'll be in the upper 40s by then. in the low 50s by mid afternoon. the wind still a bit blustery through the afternoon, and then clearing tonight, winds diminished, freezing start on friday morning, warming to the mid 50s tomorrow afternoon with lots of sun and lighter wind. then, just in time for the veterans day weekend, we warm up with sunshine each day. morning lows chilly, but afternoon lows low to mid 60s. could get some showers tuesday. how is traffic now? >> still checking on problems in our area. it's a bumpy start for some. let's start in virginia. a couple things there. northbound fairfax county parkway, near sunrise valley drive as you continue northbound to the dulles toll road. still working to clear it for now. still suggesting you take reston parkway. not seeing massive delays there at all. 66 eastbound at washington boulevard, you are slow, about a
6:54 am
two-mile backup now because of a five-vehicle crash. the left lane is blocked. you can see delays as you make your way past it. from the beltway to glebe, at about 44 miles per hour. over to 50 in maryland, a little bit sluggish. not terrible. here's a live look at 202. that drive is going to take you about 11 minutes. perhaps vice president joe biden has a career in hollywood when he gets tired of all the politics thing. he's making a cameo on an episode of "parks & recreation." the vice president will play himself and will have a conversation with the character played by amy poehler. it's been a long running joke that she has a crush on biden. they shot the scene this summer here in washington. the episode airs a week from tonight at 9:30. should be funny. president obama is drawing comparisons to one of chicago's other biggest stars. michael jordan. and it's not because of the president's jump shot. mj's former chicago bulls
6:55 am
teammate scottie pippen played a game of pickup basketball with the president on tuesday. he joked that no defender wanted to get anywhere near the president. pippen said nba players gave michael jordan the same treatment when he would drive to the basket. then again, would you want to be known as the guy who was called for a hard foul on the president? >> but i read that the president won't play with you unless you play for real and you play hard, you don't treat him with any special treatment. i heard if you want to play. >> but how does the secret service feel about that? >> well, i'm just saying. over 50 million people tuned in to watch some form of election night news. apparently they were hungry for more than just the race to the white house. takeout and food delivery was up 15% to 25%. orders placed at 6:00 p.m. eastern time, and according to the order instructions online, most deliveries were sent to polling places and campaign office. the election night deliveries were especially high in new york city, trenton, new jersey, and hartford, connecticut.
6:56 am
those three cities were among the hardest hit by hurricane sandy. >> let's get a look at our out the door forecast. >> seven-day outlook, today dress for a winter-like day. windy and cold this morning into the afternoon, and then warming into the weekend. back to you. >> thank you, tom. that is news4 today. thank you for starting your day with us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll be back in 25 minutes with weather, traffic, and any breaking news right back here tomorrow morning. have a great day. we'll see you tomorrow. ♪
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